KOEHLER-BORDEN was founded in 1948 and for over 70 years has created partnerships among manufacturers, dealers, consultants, and end-users in the states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania, Upstate New York and West Virginia.

North Canton, Ohio serves as the headquarters for our Company, which encompasses our computer operation, warehouse, catalog library, and communications center, as well as a training and conference center. It is staffed with full-time office personnel who perform administrative functions, data processing, and in-depth customer service. We maintain the following branch offices: Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Columbus and Pittsburgh. Our branch managers work out of an office in their home, each location is fully equipped with a computer that is networked, and other basic office equipment.

We are a well-educated, experienced team. We have over 110 combined years as representatives in the food-service industry. We strive to be a sales force that is a cut above the competitors. Communication, service and education are key ingredients in our plan to provide our manufacturers with sustained growth.

We have invested a great deal of time and money on all facets of communication. Any important call with a consultant, dealer/distributor, chain, institution or other end-user, is confirmed in writing. The proper factory sales manager is copied so that everyone involved is kept up to date on the call. Memos extend our thanks, review what was covered and confirm the action which is to occur. This has proven to be a very successful means of communication benefiting both our customers and our factories. We also have a voice mail system to provide a 24-hour message center that allows our customers to leave detailed messages if they choose. Our phones are answered by customer service personnel during business hours.

We use a new software program called “Orgo” which is a “state of the art” system for contact management and sales tracking within a single database. Our satellite offices are networked so that we can exchange information among ourselves. Our PDA’s are synchronized with our laptops for up-to-date contact management data.

We are convinced that speed and accuracy are critical in today’s business world. We are able to quickly and accurately target those with whom we communicate. K B Buzz is our electronic marketing program using blast email technology. It is used to distribute important information with great speed. We use this tool regularly with our dealers and large groups of end-user market segments. Within the last few years, KOEHLER-BORDEN & ASSOCIATES has earned and been approved for MAFSI Technology Certification for Level 401, Expert Level.

We feel very strongly that future success in our business lies with an increased level of activity with the end-user. Contacting end-users, identifying their needs and specifying our manufacturers’ products is our goal. We, as a company, are committed to spending the majority of our field time to end-user work.

Industry education is very important to Koehler-Borden. Our team meets regularly on a quarterly basis or more often as needed. We allocate time from our daily routine to review products, assess current projects and sales, and improve our professional skills. At this time, we have three people who have been certified in the NAFEM CFSP Program and also five who are ServSafe certified. The second focus of education involves our dealer/distributor sales force. It is vital to our success to have dealer field people knowledgeable and well-informed about our products. To achieve this, we conduct over 50 sales meetings each year.

KOEHLER-BORDEN’S growth over the years has been achieved as a result of representing top quality manufacturers, serving loyal customers and having the most qualified sales team in the industry. We anticipate a bright and profitable future.