Cincinnati Industrial Machinery is the exclusive manufacturer of Alvey® washing equipment.

Alvey® washers are the trusted name in the commercial kitchen and food industry because of their high quality, energy efficient features, and smart engineering design. When you are searching for a new commercial or industrial dishwasher, you can count on Alvey® washing equipment. 

cooler-conceptsCooler Concepts is the world leader in designing and creating custom shelving solutions for Walk-in Beer Coolers. They serve all business sizes across the Bar and Restaurant Industry. Since 1994, Cooler Concepts has established itself as an expert in designing storage solutions with emphasis on safety, organization and ease of use for the customer's needs.

eastern-logoEastern Tabletop has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing silver items for the gift and food service industry since 1950.  With sole focus on tableware, hollowware, and buffet items combined with years of experience in silver art, the Eastern Tabletop name has succeeded in being recognized as a company of Quality, Design, and Trust. All of our products are crafted to withstand years of use and service abuse - the quality and workmanship of our products that are here to stay and will never change.

equipex-logoIn 1996, Equipex was launched to offer products that are of the highest quality, possess unique features and offer an overall best value to clients in the food-service industry. With this strategy comes a commitment to professional, personalized, service. Our products are at the forefront of contemporary trends in cooking, holding and displaying of a wide variety of foods. The Equipex mission is to provide solutions to food-service challenges in the market place.

fermod-logoFermod is the number one European manufacturer of modular shelving systems.  They lead the market in product layout & design, storage optimization and hygiene awareness.  Fermod uses anodized aluminum for their structural pieces and heavy-duty polymer, that is dishwasher safe, for their removable shelf inserts.  They also offer a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion.

giles-logoGiles’ Ventless Recirculating Ventilation Technology for fryers and hoods was developed and patented in 1988. Today Giles produces a wide variety of commercial equipment, which is marketed and sold worldwide to fill the needs of any food-service operator. New products are being designed and introduced every year to meet market demand and to provide our customers the value they deserve.


Leer, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of walk-in coolers and retail ice merchandising equipment. Leer is committed to consistent improvement in order to better serve our customers with custom walk-in coolers and freezers as well as top-of-the-line ice merchandisers.

multiteria-logoMultiteria leads by design. They offer 4 different counter systems from basic stainless steel to elegant serving stations that use unique wood finishes, solid surface and stone tops. They can provide you with a solution that fits your budget.

rubbermaid-logoRubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) is a manufacturer of innovative, solution-based products for commercial and institutional markets worldwide. Since 1968, RCP has pioneered technologies and system solutions in the categories of food service, sanitary maintenance, waste handling, material transport, away-from-home washroom, and safety products. Rubbermaid Commercial Products is a part of Newell Rubbermaid's global portfolio of brands.


There is no room for error in professional food service. Unox knows this, and provides ovens and services that are designed to meet the most ambitious quality and business challenges. Unox has over 25 years of research leading to cooking solutions that excel in all areas and guarantee the repeatability of the desired result for any load conditions.