Alluserv was created to help Healthcare Food Service Directors excel in a more complex world.  Tomorrow’s Food Service Director must be an expert in all aspects of the growing demand for innovative equipment to support well-managed Meal Delivery, Retail, and Catering Options.

Alluserv's sole mission is to help you tackle tomorrow's challenges and elevate the strategic value of food service in your healthcare facility.

For over 50 years Atlas Metal Industries has been a leading manufacturer of quality food serving equipment.  They continue to develop innovative designs that continue to be the specified standard used by many of the leading food service consultants in the industry.  Whether you require a drop-in hot, or refrigerated pan, or a complete modular serving system you can depend on Atlas for all of your equipment needs.

Cooler Concepts Cooler Concepts is the world leader in designing and creating custom shelving solutions for Walk-in Beer Coolers. They serve all business sizes across the Bar and Restaurant Industry. Since 1994, Cooler Concepts has established itself as an expert in designing storage solutions with emphasis on safety, organization and ease of use for the customer's needs.

Equipex was launched to offer products that are of the highest quality, possess unique features and offer an overall best value to clients in the food-service industry. With this strategy comes a commitment to professional, personalized, service. Our products are at the forefront of contemporary trends in cooking, holding and displaying of a wide variety of foods. The Equipex mission is to provide solutions to food-service challenges in the marketplace.

Fermod is the number one European manufacturer of modular shelving systems.  As a market leader in product layout & design, storage optimization and hygiene awareness.  Fermod uses anodized aluminum for their structural pieces and heavy-duty polymer, that is dishwasher safe, for their removable shelf inserts.  Fermod offers a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion.

Giles’ Ventless Recirculating Ventilation Technology for fryers and hoods was developed and patented in 1988. Today Giles produces a wide variety of commercial equipment, which is marketed and sold worldwide to fill the needs of any food-service operator. New products are being designed and introduced every year to meet market demand and to provide our customers the value they deserve.

For over 25 years Infrico has produced highly engineered refrigeration equipment in Spain. They brought their European designed equipment, built with American footprint sizes for the US market, just 3 years ago. They offer a wide array of reach-ins, wine cellars, pizza prep tables, sushi cases, blast chillers, and may other product categories.

Leer is the world’s leading manufacturer of walk-in coolers and retail ice merchandising equipment. Leer is committed to consistent improvement in order to better serve our customers with custom walk-in coolers and freezers as well as top-of-the-line ice merchandisers.

Unox is the world’s largest manufacturer of combi ovens and their ovens are designed to meet the most ambitious quality & business challenges.  Please contact your Koehler-Borden representative about scheduling an Individual Cooking Experience.